About Us

The Cádiz Maritime Naval Cluster is a non-profit business association which has been working since 2015 to promote the interests of the sector in search of constant improvement.

Their field of activity is limited to the province of Cádiz, although with a view to the rest of Andalucía.

Their aim is to promote, drive, encourage and develop the maritime naval sector in the province of Cádiz. The general assembly of the CMNC (Cádiz Maritime Naval Cluster) approved its 2018/2020 Strategic Plan. It focuses on five work lines: organization, communication, strategy, enabling, training, competitiveness and internationalization.

Clúster Marítimo Naval de Cádiz - Astilleros


  • Femca
  • Navantia
  • Confederación de Empresarios Cádiz
  • Agencia IDEA
  • Universidad de Cádiz


  • Surcontrol
  • Astilleros Andaluces
  • Kaefer
  • elecam
  • Diputación de Cádiz
  • Ayuntamiento de Rota
  • Ayuntamiento de Cádiz
  • Copiti Cádiz
  • Proelsur
  • Ingenieros Navales
  • Indasa
  • Saind
  • Frizonia
  • Tecnofor
  • Ayuntamiento de San Fernando
  • CT Engineering
  • Abance
  • Ferri
  • Fernandez Jove
  • BMT Floating Repair
  • Epresa
  • Enerocean
  • Impulso
  • Navantia
  • Ayuntamiento Puerto Real
  • Titania
  • Ghenova
  • Atridel
  • Mecanizados y Montajes Aeronáuticos
  • QWS
  • Innomaritime
  • Cetemet
  • Centum Digital
  • Blue Float
  • Sea Master
  • Pine
  • Atexis
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Culmar
  • ITE
  • Regenasa
  • Wiresa
  • Siasa
  • Zener
  • Meycagesal
  • Tecnalia
  • Zona Franca
  • Tesicnor
  • Eurogruas
  • AGC Centrobahia
Clúster Marítimo Naval de Cádiz

Since 2015 in defense
of the naval maritime sector


Representing and defending the interests of companies in the maritime naval sector in Cádiz, leading collaboration among members and improving competitiveness of the Andalusian sector, opening a window from Cádiz onto the world.


To be an organization renowned for its leadership as a unique interlocutor, that acts as a catalyst to improve competitiveness and growth of the maritime naval sector in Andalucía, within an advanced business management context.



Driver of improvement of people’s performance and organizational efficiency.


Driver of change, growth and as a guarantee of competitiveness.


Driver of working together to join forces for a common goal.


Driver of community and plurality, respecting differences.


Promote trust, honesty and integrity.

Feeling of belonging

Generator of identity and commitment to organizational goals.

Strategic Goals

Create wealth and wellbeing for society. Foster business excellence in the maritime sector. Expand the competitiveness of Cádiz companies in global markets. Improve efficacy of industrial and commercial management and drive workers’ professional development.